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IndieMe Virtual Expo

IndieMe Marketplace Virtual Expo

The year 2020 has forced us all to pivot and adjust the way we do business. Our industry, like many others, has been adversely affected. At IndieMe we continue to look for ways to keep moving forward towards the future. We are excited to announce the 3rd IndieMe Marketplace Virtual Expo, February 10 – 16, 2021! Our first two, wholesale, handcrafted virtual trade shows held during 2020, were a tremendous success; during our 2nd expo, the event grew by 68%. Many of our retailers and artists told us it was "just what the industry needed.”

The expertise and industry-specific knowledge provided by IndieMe Marketplace, LLC, positions the company for the concept of a Virtual Expo. The expo opened the door to many NEW buyers that are now registered and happily shopping the IndieMe Marketplace. Many retailers have stressed how thrilled they are to see a platform focused solely on Handcrafted, Made in the USA / Canada product lines. As one buyer put it, "now I can shop year-round for handcrafted never having to leave my store! Thank you IndieMe!"

Future Virtual Expo Dates:
April 7-13, 2021 and September 8-14, 2021

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Our Vision

Learn more about our vision for the IndieMe Marketplace Virtual Expo here.

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How does a Virtual Expo Differ from everyday IndieMe shopping

IndieMe created the Virtual Expo to closely resemble a traditional trade show as much as possible. The main difference between our week-long Expo and shopping IndieMe, are the show specials, incentives, and Buyer Giveaways. Every participating artist offers some sort of sale on their items - it could be free shipping or 15% all orders. Each artist decides their own special because they oversee their OWN stores. The Buyer Giveaways have been extremely popular. Artists donate the items that are used for the giveaways and when a buyer places an order, they are eligible to win! We have as many as 5 buyer giveaways each day of the show

During the Virtual Expo, a buyer will login to the IndieMe Marketplace as they currently do. You have the choice to shop on IndieMe or "walk the Virtual Expo" simply by clicking on the Virtual Expo link. You will use your same login information from IndieMe to login to the Expo site. Once a buyer has entered the Virtual Expo, they will only be able to shop from attending expo artists. However, saving to wish lists, adding to carts and ordering will all continue as they currently do on the IndieMe Marketplace platform.

Buyer's Guide

Interested in getting an ad in our current Buyer's Guide? Great! Our Winter 2021 Buyer's Guide will also serve as our Expo Preview Guide. Place your order here by December 1, 2020. Space and size is limited so don't delay. NOTE - if you place an order in the Buyer's Guide you are automatically registered for the Virtual Expo. No need to purchase your booth.

Not an IndieMe Artist?

New artists join IndieMe for a full year for only $395** and receive your virtual booth for free. Offer ends November 30, 2020, so don't delay! Start your application here.

So Many Amenities

The amenities for artist include free marketing materials you can send to your buyers, a Virtual Store emblem on your store page right when you sign up for the expo. You will be listed on the Virtual Expo site with a thumbnail image, show special and link to your store. IndieMe cares about your success so we send emails with suggestions and tips to best prepare your store for the expo. Have questions about your store? Request a store review!. Register for the Virtual Expo here and start spreading the news!

Details & Key Dates

November 30, 2020
New artist offer ends; $395** first year plus free Virtual Booth.

December 1, 2020
Last day to order ad in the Winter 2021 Buyer's Guide and confirm participation in Virtual Expo. 

December 11, 2020
Order your booth by this date to be listed in the Winter 2021 Buyer's Guide as a participating artist.

December 31, 2020
Virtual Booth fee due.

January 11, 2020
Expo Special and thumbnail (required) final due date. Last day to request a store review prior to Expo.

February 3, 2021
Your store needs to be ready to go, use this week to finalize.

February 3, 2021
Last day to order Virtual Expo Booth.

February 10 - 16, 2021*
Expo dates.

* Scheduled date is subject to change and will be adjusted as necessary while we all cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.
** Introductory rate for first year of web service. Subsequent years invoiced at $39/month.