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Sleek, modern and fully responsive website

Our website is packed with features that will help you grow your business. Artists enjoy easy set up and management of your store along with steady traffic to the site offering an opportunity to build your wholesale accounts. Buyers enjoy our second to none emerging artist program offering you and opportunity to shop from up and coming artists and the ease of sourcing thousands of products easily and efficiently.

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Buyers Will Enjoy...

Artists Will Enjoy...

Features for Buyers


Shop over 50,000 handmade crafts anytime 24/7 with our online marketplace. Discover new products and new artists with the click of a button!

  • Powerful, intuitive search capabilities
  • Fully PCI compliant checkout
  • View recent orders and past orders
  • View tracking details New!
  • Move wish list items to shopping cart

  • Easily add items to your shopping cart or the wish list of your choice
  • Copy products from your wish list to your cart
  • Leave notes to the artist on individual products
  • View artist consignment terms, drop ship terms and customization terms New!
  • During checkout leave a special note to the artist
  • View your mini cart on your buyer home page; quickly see all your open carts and the artists you are following
  • Easily view all our printed catalogs with our online gallery

Order Management

View all your orders in one easy click. See what has shipped, what is open and view status updates quickly!

  • Create unlimited wish lists to organize your shopping all year long
  • View your wallet, easily manage your credit cards New!
  • Add multiple ship to addresses New!
  • View all your invoices and print as needed New!
  • Quickly and easily pay open invoices New!
  • At checkout easily pick the shipping method that best suits your needs from the options listed by the artist New!
  • Choose your desired method of payment from the options listed by the artist New!
  • Enjoy our Alliance with FedEx and receive shipping discounts only available to IndieMe™ members New!

Network & Grow

Share and learn among private "Buying Groups". Network with your peers in our exclusive online communities !

  • Follow your Favorite artists
  • Upload store images to your buyer profile, including your logo and bio pic New!
  • Manage your ACRE show registration
  • Stay up to date with our Artist and Retailer Spotlights
  • Create your own Social Profile and link to your personal social media outlets New!
  • Stay up to date with articles centered around content to help you grow your business New!

Features for Artists

Your Own Custom Page

Our low yearly membership fee has payment plans to meet a variety of budgets. Add your branding to your store and make it your own!

  • Add multiple custom headers to showcase your products and your studio
  • Share your artist story, add links to your personal website and social media
  • Add multiple images of you and your studio New!
  • Upload your line sheet for easy viewing and printing
  • Upload up to 6 pdf's New!
  • Upload up to 6 high resolution images and be notified when an image is downloaded
  • Share scheduled wholesale trade shows for the year and include booth numbers
  • List your terms including minimum order amount, reorder and payment terms
  • Accept orders and securely process credit card payments online.
  • Accept credit cards and e-checks New!

Manage Your Products

Upload 100's of products with multiple views and arrange using our new drag and drop technology. View real time inventory!

  • Place your products on hold while you set them up
  • Restrict out of stock products from being placed in shopping carts
  • Quickly place products on sale New!
  • Upload multiple images to showcase details and lifestyle shots New!
  • Add unlimited multiple product variances to your products New!
  • Place your products in several categories for easy searching
  • Tag unlimited related products to any product on your site New!
  • Drag and drop products placing them in your desired sort order New!
  • Clone products making it easy to upload new similar products
  • At a glance see what products are marked new, best seller and on hold New!
  • Provide a full description using our rich text editor, including weight and dimensions New!
  • Add custom descriptions New!
  • Share your consignment terms, drop ship terms and customization terms New!

Manage Your Customers

Our newly redesigned Customer Record System will help you manage your buyers in one easy place. Review each buyers orders and profiles!

  • View a summary report of all your buyers
  • View profiles of the buyers who purchase from you
  • View a detailed Customer Record system where you can view all of a buyers orders New!
  • See all emails that have been sent and received between a specific buyer and you   New!
  • At a glance view all activity for any chosen buyer New!
  • Manage and assign terms in one easy step New!

Order Fulfillment Features

Quickly update order status and see at a glance what is paid and unpaid. With one click email order summaries, invoices and include a link to get paid!

  • Advanced shipping calculator with many otions - get real time rates New!
  • Quickly update order status and fulfillment details New!
  • Helpful reports providing insight into your success New!
  • Confirm and or reject orders
  • Enjoy our Alliance with FedEx and receive shipping discounts only available to IndieMe™ members New!
  • Make or add payments using Square, PayPal and more New!
  • Add a discount quickly to a customer's order New!
  • Post tracking information including carrier, date shipped and tracking number New!

feature rich shopping cart

Our brand new shopping cart will highlight your products in a whole new light. Our products detail page will show multiple images, all your variances and so much more!

  • Buyers will see their mini cart as soon as they visit your store, including any of your items in their cart or wish list
  • Thumbnail carousel on the product detail page allows buyer to select items quickly to view in detail New!
  • Add a full description to your products using our rich text editor, add custom terms and more New!
  • Items can be moved to cart, to specific wish lists and from wish lists to cart in one easy step New!
  • Buyers can view related items and quickly place them in the cart New!

Network & Grow

Enjoy our exclusive online communities and network with peers. Share, learn and grow!

  • Stay up to date with our Artist and Retailer Spotlights
  • Create your own Social Profile and link to your personal social media outlets New!
  • Stay up to date with articles centered around content to help you grow your business New!
  • Online Communities to network with peers and private groups New!

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