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About Buyer Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in enrolling as a buyer on IndieMe. We try to make your enrollment process as quick and easy as possible. Our artists are wholesale professionals and expect to deal with qualified buyers. In order to satisfy this expectation we will ask you to provide personal and business information as well as business credentials for approval.

During the buyer enrollment process you will be asked to provide verification materials, which are listed below. In order to make this process as easy as possible we recommend that you gather the necessary items before you begin the online enrollment, where you will have the opportunity to upload or email these items to us later.

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Begin the Buyer Enrollment Process Now!

Storefront Retailers

As a storefront retailer the easiest way for you to be approved is to upload an image of the:

  • Inside of your store
  • Outside of your store (including store sign)
  • Buyer picture used to enhance your profile that you send to artists (optional)

Or you can direct us to use your web site or send us the link to your Facebook and social media business pages which shows images of the inside and outside of the storefront establishment (we recommend you upload images when possible, but we will be happy to qualify you based on your web site images if you prefer). In most cases we can qualify storefront retailers based on these images.

Non-Storefront Retailers

You will need to provide ONE item from each of the following categories (total of THREE):

Business Qualification (select ONE)

  • Retail business license
  • Federal resale tax number
  • Sales and Use Certificate
  • VAT (International businesses)
  • Federal Tax Return, Schedule C
  • Copy of business check or credit card in business name

Location Qualification (select ONE)

  • Store lease (first and last pages) with name and phone number of landlord
  • Advertisement or Brochure (with name and phone # of publication)
  • Social Media listings - Facebook and/or Instagram preferred
  • Printed catalogs that show product selection and business name
  • For Internet Retailers without a store-front only: Use my website to verify my location (no Ebay, Etsy, or Amazon stores permitted).

Other Qualification (select ONE)

  • Three (3) recent invoices showing wholesale purchase of finished product
  • Names and phone numbers of three (3) companies from which you currently buy finished craft/gift products wholesale
  • New store owners will be required to provide as many of the above items as possible and the expected grand opening date of their store.

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Great! Review our buyer qualifications and send us the required documents so we can get you approved today. Contact us at any time for additional information. Email us at or call 888-427-2381.

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