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Shop American Handcrafted is a grassroots movement founded by Jacqueline Adamany advocating for the concept of buying small, locally-produced, handcrafted goods as a way for the consumer to contribute to environmental sustainability and foster economic growth within the handcrafted community. Our movement is a tool to help consumers find handcrafted gifts in their community, promote artistry, and celebrate small business owners. Our 501(c)(3) status makes your donation tax-exempt.

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Empowering Change: The Influence of Your Handmade Purchases


Shop American Handcrafted was conceived as a grassroots movement with the purpose of introducing handcrafted artistry into households throughout the USA. It serves as a continuous reminder to support local and small businesses.

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As we expand this movement, anticipate a feature-rich website that includes an interactive map, guiding consumers to nearby handcrafted treasures from boutiques to galleries across the United States. When you need a gift think handcrafted and local first.

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Buying handcrafted items fosters a deep connection to the creators and instills a sense of responsibility toward both the environment and your local community. When you choose handcrafted, you are not just acquiring a product; you are investing in a piece of artistry.

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As a consumer, uncover an extensive range of shops, galleries, and boutiques near you showcasing an assortment of products made in the USA. By patronizing these establishments, you are actively contributing to the growth of local businesses.

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Find Retail Shows Near You

Looking for a local art show highlighting handmade creations? Look no further! Follow us on social media to find retail art shows. By visiting these events, consumers and small business owners can effectively source handcrafted products from artists.

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Join a Community

To ensure the growth and success of our small business community, it is vital to spread support for handcrafted. This connection among like-minded individuals is invaluable. Whether it's a small purchase or a social media share, every effort plays a key role.

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