IndieMe Brand Pillars

What are Brand Pillars?

Brand pillars are the foundational elements that represent the core values, mission, and identity of a brand. They serve as guiding principles that influence all aspects of a brand's strategy, messaging, and interactions with its audience. Brand pillars typically include key characteristics or principles that the brand consistently embodies and communicates to its customers and stakeholders. These pillars often revolve around themes such as quality, innovation, customer service, sustainability, authenticity, or any other defining traits that differentiate the brand and resonate with its target audience. They provide a framework for decision-making and help maintain consistency in brand communication and positioning over time.

Our brand pillars are values that we stand for as a company. Things we truly believe in. Most of all, they're the inherent strengths that we lean into to differentiate ourselves. For over 26 years we have been delivering the tools and the support our industry needs to stay relevant, resilient, and supportive of each other.

IndieMe Pillars

Brand Personality Pillar

Passionate, Ethical, Compassionate, Creative, Friendly, Hard-working, Transparent.

Brand Messaging Pillar

Buying and Selling Handcrafted Made Simple.

Brand Purpose Pillar

Innovative, trailblazing, and resourceful marketplace designed for the North American wholesale, handcrafted industry.

Brand Positioning Pillar

For handcrafted artists looking for a marketplace that is more than just a platform to host products, the IndieMe Marketplace is the only 100% handcrafted platform offering stellar customer service, industry-specific marketing, and hands-on business assistance.

Brand Perception Pillar

Value-driven resource developing partnerships and collaborations that enhance membership, while maintaining a hands-on approach with each individual artist and buyer in the marketplace.

Brand Promotion Pillar

We utilize the power of print, email, and social media platforms to reach our demographic and spread awareness of not only IndieMe but our artist makers providing support and exposure.