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IndieMe is the premiere online wholesale marketplace for retailers to source over 250,000 handcrafted products from juried American and Canadian wholesale artists. Our platform features only 100% handcrafted items including, ceramics, jewelry, glass, home décor, sculptures, fiber, artisan food, and much more.

The Future of Wholesale does not need to be reinvented, it has always been IndieMe. We're more than a platform, we are a family of multiple marketplaces with a focus on growing the handcrafted industry and shopping locally.

IndieMe is woman-owned with a staff of artists and individuals that have been in and around the wholesale, handcrafted industry for many years. That creative spirit is reflected within our name IndieMe. Indie stands for Independent and that is who you are – an independent business owner who strives to grow and support the handmade industry. And...we love local shops!

We are motivated by teamwork and passion, we are inspired by our members. We promise to offer stellar customer service along with the tools and strategy you rely on to successfully scale your business. As the industry changes and grows so will IndieMe. Take the hassle out of scouring through hundreds of “stuff” online to source handcrafted, just shop IndieMe!

  • A Brief History

    IndieMe began over two decades ago connecting Made in the USA / Canada artists and buyers. Our owner, Jacqueline Adamany has a long history within the industry as a former artist, columnist for several trade publications and author. Jackie has a passion for the handcrafted industry and continues to build and accelerate growth within the industry.

  • Values and Mission

    IndieMe is a privately owned company with a focus on the needs of the industry and our members. Our staff are former artists and individuals that have been in and around the handcrafted industry for decades. We take this experience and knowledge to help every artist with their wholesale needs. We make sure the shopping experience for the retailer is efficient and smooth. Being privately owned, we answer to our members only and invest money back into the company for growth in both the development and membership areas.

  • Our Focus

    At IndieMe we focus on stellar customer service for all our members. We pride ourselves on personal care and assistance. We are more than a website or an email address, we are a staff that cares about your success on our platform. Email us at, and we will help in any way we can.

IndieMe is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Handcrafted Wholesale Marketplace, utilizing a business model that encourages all members' growth. Our mission is to connect makers with retailers. We promote this mission by focusing on strategic growth within our platform, creating features that enhance and support our members.

The Facts

  • IndieMe does not collect a commission. Our monthly, quarterly or yearly web service is something artists can budget.
  • IndieMe artists are handcrafted Made in the USA and Canada.
  • We have a two tiered jury system – our artists are the best of the best!
  • Artists it’s your order – you manage that order as you wish – within our marketplace or outside of it.
  • Buyers can call or email with any questions or concerns they may have about an artist or an order.
  • The IndieMe staff is a dedicated group with a broad range of skills to help our members manage all aspects of their businesses.
  • We make it easy and simple for buyers: if you are looking for handcrafted for your store, shop on IndieMe. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Our Marketplaces

Buyers enjoy the ease of shopping on any of the IndieMe Wholesale Marketplaces with one single login. Our proprietary programming allows you to navigate easily from one marketplace to another.

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