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Once you register to create a selling account, submit an application to join the IndieMe Marketplace. Approval to sell on any of the family of IndieMe Marketplaces includes 4 free Featured Item Ads (value of $90). 

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Fees: IndieMe requires a Sellers Account which costs $49/monthly. The fee can be paid yearly (savings of $40) or you can select our Pro-Plan or Mini Pro-Plan. Select View Plans to learn more.

Featured Item Ads are digital ads which run on the buyer home page and our weekly newsletter.

Why IndieMe?

At IndieMe, we are passionate about handcrafted, wholesale artists in North America and their desire for a platform dedicated 100% to them. Artisans from all over the United States and Canada are following their passion and selling their art on IndieMe. Together, we are shaping the future of handcrafted.

  • We have an artisan application and jury process to ensure we’re building a platform of genuinely made in North America artists.

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  • All orders are commission free with no additional listing or order processing fees. Take orders on the platform or off, talk freely with your buyer at any time.

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  • All juried artists will have a store on the IndieMe Marketplace. Artisan Food and Spa sellers will be added to our niche marketplaces at no additional cost.

  • With our partnerships with major service companies like Vistaprint, Constant Contact, ACT Insurance, The Artisan group, and more, our members enjoy even more benefits and discounts.

  • Our printed Buyer’s Guide is mailed twice yearly to over 15k qualified buyers, corresponding with our bi-annual Virtual Expo.

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  • Our family of marketplaces, allows buyers to focus on specific niche media’s, allowing for ease of shopping with one single login. IndieMe Marketplace, Artisan Food, The Spa on IndieMe, and our Virtual Expo.

3 Way IndieMe

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Step 3

Fill out and submit your artist application.

Step 4

Upon jury approval, finalize a few tasks and prepare to publish your store.

Step 5

Leverage our expertise to help you manage and grow your business.

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You may be wondering…

No. Your order, your money.

IndieMe does not get involved in your orders unless you need our assistance. We allow you to setup your personalized shipping methods.

Your buyer can leave a credit card during checkout, and you simply process the payment when ready to ship. Or if you prefer, you can setup to accept PayPal or even have the buyer call with payment information.

We have a multitude of ways to get you in front of the buyers. Some are free and some are low cost. We have a dedicated marketing consultant who can work directly with you.

With a monthly based fee, you can easily budget your costs to do business. With a commission platform you never know what costs will be during any month.

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Join the IndieMe Marketplace today