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Come join us September 9 -15, 2020*

For the second IndieMe Marketplace Virtual Expo! Buyers register for free here.

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Just a few months ago, we found ourselves realizing how scary the COVID-19 pandemic is. We were all in uncharted waters. Our industry took a devastating hit, to say the least. It is our hope that IndieMe can be a partner with you as we all look for ways to keep moving forward towards the future. We are excited to announce the 2nd IndieMe Marketplace Virtual Expo, September 9 - 15, 2020! Our first-ever, wholesale, handcrafted virtual trade show held in early June 2020, was a huge success; with 500 orders placed during the seven day event. Over 900 buyers registered to "walk" the event and many of them told us it was just what the industry needed. The expo opened the door to many NEW buyers that are now registered and happily shopping the IndieMe marketplace. These buyers have stressed how thrilled they are to see a platform focused solely on Handcrafted, Made in the USA / Canada product lines. As one buyer put it, "Now I can shop year-round for handcrafted never having to leave my store! Thank you IndieMe!"

IndieMe knows wholesale, having been at this for over 22 years. We know virtual, as that is all we have been, and we know trade shows, having produced and managed over 20 physical trade shows. So as an alternative to physical trade shows we are prepared to introduce a virtual expo where Buyers and Artists can attend from the comfort of their homes, saving them money and the time involved preparing for and attending a physical show. One IndieMe buyer explained, "with no overhead from hotels and plane tickets I found I can spend more money on orders!"

As a company, IndieMe understands and appreciates the value of a traditional trade show, however during such unprecedented times, we believe this Virtual Expo can be a productive and successful option to a physical show for all involved. Together let's focus on the future while we navigate the present.

Future Virtual Expo Dates:
February 10 - 16, 2021

How does a Virtual Expo Differ from everyday IndieMe Shopping


The Virtual Expo is a week long "event" where all attending artists will be offering buyer incentives like show specials, free shipping and debuting new products. During this week long event, IndieMe will be hosting buyer giveaways where buyers who place orders during the Expo will be registered in daily drawings to win items like gift cards and beautiful items donated by participating artists. Throughout the event IndieMe will release dynamic editorial content designed and focused on business development. Look for our Ask a Buyer Series, Maker Stories, our signature Be Inspired series and more.

During the Virtual Expo, a buyer will login to the IndieMe Marketplace as they currently do. They will have the choice to shop as they normally do on IndieMe or they can "walk the Virtual Expo" simply by clicking on the Virtual Expo link. Once at the Virtual Expo the buyer will only be able to shop from attending expo artists. Saving to wish lists, adding to carts and ordering will all proceed as they currently do on the IndieMe Marketplace platform. All on a robust, visually attractive and intuitive platform.

*Scheduled date is subject to change and will be adjusted as necessary while we all navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic.