Upcoming Events

Fall Buyer's Guide

Arriving in your mailbox around August 1, 2024.

Keep an eye out! The Fall 2024 Buyer's Guide, a sneak peek into our August Virtual Expo, will be arriving in your mailbox around August 1, 2024. We're just as thrilled as you are! In the meantime, make sure to take a look at our Spring Guide here.

IndieMe Marketplace Virtual Expo

August 21 - 27, 2024; 24 / 7.

Come join us for our 10th IndieMe Marketplace Virtual Expo. The expertise and industry-specific knowledge provided by IndieMe Marketplace, LLC, positions the company for the concept of a Virtual Expo. The expo opened the door to many NEW buyers that are now registered and happily shopping the IndieMe Marketplace. Many retailers have stressed how thrilled they are to see a platform focused solely on Handcrafted, Made in the USA / Canada product lines. As one buyer put it, "now I can shop year-round for handcrafted never having to leave my store! Thank you IndieMe!"