Welcome to the

First IndieMe Marketplace Artist Contest!

2021 IndieMe Marketplace Artist Contest

Welcome to the first IndieMe Marketplace Artist Contest! We wanted to take time this year to recognize and thank you for your creative talents, your perseverance and your dedication to all things handcrafted. Please note date change below.

Creative Brief

2020 has been a difficult and challenging year to be a small business owner, especially as an artist. Our industry took quite the hit and yet we continue to persevere. Show us the beauty of 2020! What brings you joy, what motivates you, inspires you, keeps you moving forward. This could be as simple as a loved one’s smile, the beauty of a sunset, the glow of the moon. Take time to reflect and share through your medium what will make you smile in 2021.

Your entry piece should capture and evoke the spirit of what brings you joy at this moment in time. Show us your personality while staying within the scope of the creative brief.


3 winners will be selected and will win the following prizes:

1st Place Winner

$500 cash prize plus free Virtual Booth* in a future Virtual Expo (Value of $195)

2nd Place Winner

1 free year of IndieMe Web Service* (Value of $468)

3rd Place Winner

1/9 size ad in Spring/Summer Buyer’s Guide* (Value of $300)

*Credit memo’s will be issued and applied for the product

All winners will be announced via a dedicated email to entire membership, will be listed in the Spring/Summer 2021 Buyer’s Guide and highlighted on the Buyer Home page on the IndieMe Marketplace as well as during the February Virtual Expo.


  • Contest open to current IndieMe artists only (account must be in good standing at time of entry), no entry fee.
  • Must include an Artist Statement which provides an overview of what your inspiration was and how it is reflected in your entry piece (500 words or less).
  • Include 5 pictures of the entry piece: 1 neutral background, 1life style image, 3 detail images; all high resolution, minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels.
  • Must be a new product, not one that is currently on your IndieMe store.
  • Deadline to submit your entry is January 31, 2021; winner announced February 5, 2021.
  • Email entry to service@indieme.com (please direct all questions to service@indieme.com and not directly to staff members).

Jury Process

The jury will consist of established IndieMe buyers and IndieMe staff. Judging will focus on the following elements:

Scope of Brief

Consider the adherence to the Creative Brief; does the entry piece capture the essence of the brief? Does the Artist Statement fully explain the inspiration and how it is reflected in the entry?


Consider the skill level and quality. Is it well made? Is the skill level consistent?


Consider the level of uniqueness of the product concept?

Design Concept

Consider innovative use of materials, creative execution, form, function and use of color.


The visual images are clear and shows the product to its best advantage following the contest requirements.