Welcome to the

First IndieMe Marketplace Artist Contest!

2021 IndieMe Marketplace Artist Contest

Welcome to the first IndieMe Marketplace Artist Contest! We wanted to take time this year to recognize and thank you for your creative talents, your perseverance and your dedication to all things handcrafted. 

Congratulations to the winners!

1st Place: Joann Tomsche Studio #28316

$500 cash and a Free Virtual Expo Booth in a future expo (value $195)

Joann's painting captured the very essence of 2020. Her road starts out meandering like any other road and then around the corner you lose sight of it. You know in your common sense mind the road is still there but you just cannot see it. Seems 2020 started out the same way. We just came to a halt at the bend, we knew we would emerge but what would it look like around the bend? The outside world still looked the same but the heavy shadows on the road remind us of the many dark times we all endured.
Visit Joann's store here.

2nd Place: Carolyn Roche Designs #25939

One Free Year Website Membership (value $468)

Carolyn's entry highlighted the human elements of 2020 and showcased how we may be a singular element we truly are stronger together. The multiple sea glass pieces combined with the singular flower and intertwining metal helps you to truly understand how vital connections are.
Visit Carolyn's store here.

3rd Place: Tonya Gray Artworks #96771    Beth Millner Jewelry #99880

We had a tie! both will receive a Free 1/9 size ad in our Spring/Summer 2021 Buyer's Guide (value $300)

Tonya Gray Artworks
Tonya's entry shares the calmness and beauty in the everyday and the hope that we have placed on the year 2021. Her lone bird against the stark white background reflects how many of us felt during our darkest moments of 2020. Yet her approach shows a light and playful feeling filled with joy and the excitement of a new year.
Visit Tonya's store here.

Beth Millner Jewelry
Beth's piece highlights for us the importance of balance and unity during times of immense stress, loneliness and fear. Her pendant reflects the cyclical aspects of our life and nature. What comes will go, with every sunset comes a sunrise. Because there is always this balance there is always hope.
Visit Beth's store here.