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The Handcrafted Wholesale Industry is changing. Over the past several months and after many conversations with industry leaders, I see a trend developing. A renewed appreciation and value of handcrafted artwork across many sectors including buyers and consumers.

Because of this renewal, we are seeing new Wholesale Marketplaces popping up. These marketplaces are changing the way our industry is viewed, and at times, causing some confusion among buyers and artists alike.

It is my goal to clear up some of this confusion as it pertains to the IndieMe Marketplace. I cannot, nor will I, speak or assume what other marketplaces mission or focus is on.

A Brief History

IndieMe (formerly Wholesalecrafts.com) is celebrating over 23 years connecting Made in the USA and Canada artists and buyers. Former owners and operators of the ACRE trade shows, IndieMe is owned by the company president, Jacqueline Adamany and was formerly owned by Nancy LeVan (formerly Vince). The company name was changed to IndieMe in 2016. Nancy started this company knowing there was a need to fill – a unique way to connect artists to buyers while providing amazing support to all members.

Values and Mission

IndieMe is a privately owned company with a focus on the needs of the industry and our members. In our company, all members have a voice, after all we’re all in this together! Our mission remains the same throughout all the ups and downs in this industry. We are more than a marketplace we are a service. Being privately owned, we are able to reinvest the money we earn from ads purchased by our hardworking artists back into the company for growth in both the development and membership areas.

Our Focus

At IndieMe we focus on stellar customer service for all members. You get lightning fast responses to your calls, emails and even Facebook posts. We’re even known to answer your questions late at night and even weekends. In addition, we focus on you. We have been telling makers and retailers stories for decades through our Be Inspired blog.

IndieMe is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Handcrafted Wholesale Marketplace, utilizing a business model which encourages growth for all members. Our mission is to connect independent makers with independent retailers. We promote this mission by focusing on strategic growth within our platform, creating features that enhance and support our members.

The Facts

  • IndieMe does not collect a commission. Our monthly, quarterly or yearly web service is something artists can budget.
  • IndieMe artists are handcrafted Made in the USA and Canada.
  • We have a two tiered jury system – our artists are the best of the best!
  • Artists it’s your order – you manage that order as you wish – within our marketplace or outside of it.
  • Buyers get continual calls and support from our dedicated buyer liaison.
  • The IndieMe staff is a dedicated group with a broad range of skills to help our members manage all aspects of their businesses.

Who am I?

I am the Owner and President of the company having worked at the company since 2014. I have worked in the corporate world as an Auditor and as a Paralegal. I have a degree in Visual Communications with a focus on Web Development and User Experience. In addition, I owned Blue Orchid Handbags and sold my product line wholesale for over 10 years attending wholesale trade shows including the ACRE shows. I was an artist on the marketplace when it was Wholesalecrafts.com.

I am the author of the book Going Wholesale – a step by step approach for artists; and have mentored many artists preparing them for the world of wholesale while readying them for trade shows. I am a regular columnist for Retailing Insight and have written for both Smart Retailer and Handmade Business.

In Conclusion

I hope this brief overview has shed some light on who IndieMe is as a company. As marketplaces come and go, you can be assured that IndieMe is here for you with a focus on you. Cheers! Jackie