IndieMe has partnered with Vistaprint Corporate Solutions to create a ProShop for all your marketing and business needs.


Getting started with ProShop is easy

Visit the IndieMe ProShop and create an account based on your country.

Select a product and customize. (if applicable)

Add to cart and checkout! (Orders over $50 ship free)


How do I access the IndieMe ProShop?

Please bookmark this link for your convenience, Or go directly to your country's home page by selecting one of the following:


How do I log into my ProShop

All users must register before accessing the ProShop. Please use the link directly to register. Once you are registered, you can log in by entering your username and password. Please note that your Vistaprint Corporate Solutions online ProShop is different from any other Vistaprint accounts you may have. You must create a new account to access the ProShop


I have a question regarding my order, who can I speak with?

We are here to help! Call us at 844.462.9288 or email us at for questions about your order, ProShop assistance, and account information

The Details:

  1. Select your landing page based on your country.
  2. Once your country is selected be sure to bookmark that url.
  3. You must create a unique login for the IndieMe ProShop even if you have an account with Vistaprint.
  4. Because we are not 'officially' part of Vistaprint any saved templates on Vistaprint will not be available on our ProShop.
  5. We highly recommend you take a moment and review your printing needs, look at what needs to be updated, and start fresh on the IndieMe ProShop.
  6. Create the templates you need using your favorite photo editing program, save in a folder on your computer and when you are ready to order simply login, create, and order!
  7. Need help with the ProShop? Call our dedicated support center at 844.462.9288 or email

Want to create new marketing materials for your business? IndieMe can help! We have a dedicated Graphic Designer on staff who can help with all your needs. Contact us for more details at