Indieme New Features

IndieMe is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Handcrafted Wholesale Marketplace, utilizing a business model which encourages growth for all members. Our mission is to connect independent makers with independent retailers. We promote this mission by focusing on strategic growth within our platform, creating features that enhance and support our members. 

New in 2019

Artist Notification Mode BRAND NEW!

The Artist Notification Mode helps you manage your IndieMe shop in multiple ways. If you are planning to be away on vacation or are unable to fill new orders for a period of time, use this feature to alert buyers of your current status. Retailers will be able to browse, favorite, and add your items to their cart and place orders if they choose, however they will be notified of your status on your IndieMe shop. There is no time limit on how long your shop notification can be active.

To set up your notification login and navigate to Artist>Manage My Store>Store Settings.

Update to our Checkout Process BRAND NEW!

We recently updated the terminology, color and style on the checkout process making it easier to checkout with clear directions. In addition we added YOUR Terms & Shipping information, your Checkout Policy and your NEW Return Policy so buyers know exactly what you offer.

We like to focus on the experience for all members!

Discount added to Invoice BRAND NEW!

Did you apply a discount to an IndieMe order? Now that discount will be displayed on any printed order. You asked for it, we are happy to add it!

Artist Store Product View BRAND NEW!

We recently updated the view of your IndieMe store. Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback! We took this new look and applied it to the Featured Ads on the buyer home page. Yep no more labels on top of your beautiful images. Now you will find the labels below the product picture and more spacing between products. Check out the subtle hover effect when you mouse over them!

We then took this update and applied the look to:
  • Our Weekly Update Newsletter (minus the hover effect)
  • Search Results
  • Premiere Ads

The way your product views is important to us, we aimed for consistency!

Return Policy BRAND NEW!

At IndieMe we know you want to handle any potential refunds as you choose. After all it's your business! So we added a new feature called Return Policy. Fill out the area and your personal return policy will be visible on your store near your Terms & Shipping information.

To add your Return Policy navigate to Artist>Manage My Store>Payment Setup.

IndieMe Direct Link & Quick Register

The IndieMe Direct Link allows the artist to provide a vanity url to clients. This unique link includes the artist company name and links directly to their shop on the IndieMe Marketplace.Your link will look similar to this: or...

To access your unique direct link go to Artist>Manage My Store>Store Settings. Please note that only IndieMe staff can change your company name within the link. You cannot have any spaces, punctuation or special characters in the link, however you are permitted to include dashes. If you wish to change your direct link please contact us at

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October 2018

Enhancement FOR BUYERS

Updated and enhanced search results. Now when you search, results are more relevant making it easier for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for.


Inventory Management - You choose if you wish to monitor and manage your inventory or if you choose not to. To use Inventory Management select yes. When adding an item you will be prompted to enter an amount. If your item is out of stock the buyer will be notified during checkout. If you select no to Inventory Management, the buyer will not be notified during checkout.


Artist Referral Program - invite a fellow artist to join IndieMe and you both earn $25 credit on your account.


New to IndieMe? Let us help you set up your shop. Send us your line sheet and link to your Dropbox folder and we will upload your first 100 products free!

August 2018

Enhancement FOR ARTISTS

Related Products - you can now search and sort your products when adding Related Products. Last month we added when items are selected as related they are now auto reciprocal related.

Enhancement FOR ARTISTS

Etsy Import - with the unfortunate news that Etsy Wholesale was closing, we wanted to make sure all Etsy artists could upload their csv file of their Etsy shop onto their IndieMe store. If you have an Etsy shop be sure to store your photo's in a dropbox just in case Etsy shuts the server down. Know a wholesale Etsy artist or buyer who needs a new Marketplace? Send them our way!

Enhancement FOR ALL

Variant Images - you are now able to add an image to your variances. Add multiple images to your product and then select from those images to add to a specific variant!

Enhancement FOR ALL

Orders - we added the order number to the printed order and at the bottom you will now find total number of sku's ordered.


Limited Listing Feature - Have the ability to reach over 20k qualified buyers with our Limited Listing feature. Be found on the IndieMe Marketplace.
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June 2018

Enhancement FOR ARTISTS

On Hold - added the ability to toggle items to On Hold or Off Hold status in bulk.

Enhancement FOR ALL

Rating System - now artists and buyers can leave a star rating and comments when an order is marked shipped.

Enhancement FOR ARTISTS

Featured & Premiere Ads - added search feature when ordering ads. Find that specific product quickly!

Enhancement FOR ALL

Remember Me - now the site will store your login information for 90 days.

Enhancement FOR ALL

Related Items - when items are selected as related they are now auto reciprocal.

April 2018

Enhancement FOR ALL

Review System - allows artists and buyers to review each other using a 5-star system along with an ability to leave a note. Buyer and artist can leave a note after an order has been marked shipped by the artist. Each member has the ability to review up to 3 times per order. Artists for more information on how to use this feature click here.
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Enhancement FOR BUYERS

We added a Continue Shopping button for you. Now when you add a product to your cart you will see a Continue Shopping button, selecting this button takes you back to the page you were just on. We think this will save you valuable time!

Enhancement FOR ALL

At times our buyers use their shopping carts to store products for future purchase. Then when they checkout both artist and buyer are surprised to find the price is not what it should be. We have implemented a new feature to fix this. Artists when you update pricing on a product(s) you now can select the button labeled Update Pricing in Open Carts/Wishlists - this will automatically update all pricing on products in open carts or in buyer wishlists.
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Enhancement FOR ARTISTS

You are now able to edit and sort your store categories so they view in the order you desire.
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Software Fix FOR ARTISTS

Bulk Edit and Bulk Add has been in Beta testing and is now ready for all artists to use. You will now find the options on your Manage My Products page. If you do not see it, be sure to refresh your page.
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March 2018

Enhancement FOR ARTISTS

Bulk Edit and Bulk Add - based on beta tester feedback, more variant fields have been added. Now you can add as many variant columns to the Bulk Edit and Bulk Add spreadsheet.

Enhancement FOR ARTISTS

Featured and Premiere Ads - if you happen to have a deleted product selected for one of your upcoming Featured and/or Premiere Ads - you will see a note stating product is deleted on your ad admin page.

Enhancement FOR ALL

Mark Order Paid - quickly mark an open order paid on the Manage My Orders page. If an order was paid outside of the IndieMe Marketplace now you can quickly mark the order paid. This keeps your buyers up to date on order status!

Enhancement FOR ALL

Search Box is now available on every product detail page. This allows a buyer to quickly and efficiently search for exactly what they are looking for.

Software Fix FOR ALL

Phone numbers are now formatted with a hyphen, making it easier for all to read!