Artist Spotlight: Stellar Jewels

Artist Spotlight: Stellar Jewels

Alison Wahl, Maui, HI

Alison B. Wahl, Stellar Jewels & AWahl Designs, Maui, Hawaii & Bend, Oregon

How long have you been wholesaling your work?
Since 2000

Describe your work. 
Beautiful and original works of art. I believe in Bold jewelry. Love it and wear it.

How did you get started in the crafts business? 
I started out as a dichroic glass artist making jewelry in my kiln, until that material became oversaturated. I then moved to Drusy, as I collect crystals, lifesize and smaller. I then moved on to shell and sea glass jewelry since I live on an island. When moving over to mainland part time, I added mixed metals to my collection and a more contemporary line.

My mother is an artist, I am an artist and we have a large creative gene in the family pool.

How long have you been wholesaling? 
19 years. I made it through 9-11 and through the recession of 2006. I guess I can say,"I made it". 

What are your top 3 marketing methods for reaching new buyers? 
1. Get "business personal" with your buyers, they are usually small business owners anxious to meet and get to know the artist.

2. Scout out areas and look for galleries that you feel would suite your design style and price point.

3. Start out doing wholesale craft shows such as ACRE and keep your booth in the same location each show for buyers to find you again.

What percentage of your business is Wholesale? Retail? Commission, etc.? 
100% wholesale

How has IndieMe helped your business? 
Jackie and Julie have been very helpful in understanding artist's needs. IndieMe knows our target market and is out there to help artists direct their attention to the right avenue.

What advice do you have for new craft artists? 
Work hard, be present and take advice from more seasoned craft wholesale artists and gallery owners.

What advice do you have for new craft galleries? 
Listen to the artists, they know what sells. Take a chance and show a full collection of the artist's work, including at least 6 rings, 6 earrings, 6 necklaces and a bracelet if applicable. The artist has a better opportunity and so does the store by telling a "story". Most artists are willing to exchange out what is not moving for the betterment of both parties.

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