Tip of the Week: Artist Specials

Tip of the Week: Artist Specials

The Artist Special feature allows the artist to create a special offer for a specific period of time. All specials must be a minimum of $25. Specials can run for as long as the artist chooses. Artists can offer the special to 1st time buyers (new orders) or to all buyers. The special is calculated at the time of checkout and shows up on the invoice in the ‘discount’ area.

The artist special appears as a pop-up on the vendor store after the buyer has logged in. Pop-up only appear 1x per session making it easy for the buyer to be aware of the special as soon as they land on your shop.

Please note - your Artist Special pop up includes your Showcase Image. Don't have one selected? Learn more here.

  • Only one offer can run at any given time
  • Can select to show the offer to new buyers who have not purchased from you on the IndieMe Marketplace or to current buyers on the site
  • Title is limited to 45 characters
  • Offer description is limited to 120 characters
  • Time frame is of your choice - make it for a week, a month or even for a season!
  • Special is calculated at time of checkout so artist does not have to manually add the discount and buyer sees the discount applied automatically
  • Popup shows your showcase image and the details of your special
  • You can view previous specials in the archives
To setup your Artist Special navigate to Artist>Manage My Store>Store Settings then scroll to the bottom to begin. Please note that the special pop-up displays your showcase image. To learn more on how to select your showcase image click here.

What a great way to easily and quickly offer your buyers incentives. Heading to a trade show and offering a special at show? Great, now you can share that special on your IndieMe shop with the buyers of your choice. Use this along with your IndieMe Direct Link (learn more here) and make buying from you on IndieMe your buyers favorite way to shop!

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