Industry News: 2017 Museums & More Survey Results

Industry News: 2017 Museums & More Survey Results

Reprinted with permission Museums & More Magazine.

Destination location retailers have always been unique in that their merchandise selection often fits into a theme or mission of a parent organization.

As online shopping has changed the landscape of retail, destination retailers have become even more unique from most brick-and-mortar retailers. Being housed in a space designed to create a human experience that cannot be duplicated online — at least not yet — creates natural traffic many standalone retailers struggle to find.

As long as people value the experience of attending museums, parks, aquariums, zoos, resorts and amusement parks, the gift shops at those locations will enjoy the accompanying foot traffic.

The results of data complied in Museums & More’s annual reader survey supports that notion. Sixty-five percent of survey takers told us they do not sell merchandise online. Among those that do, the vast majority (74 percent) say online revenue accounts for less than 10 percent of their overall sales.

The overall snapshot shows business is at least steady. For the second straight year, approximately half of respondents reported a significant increase in sales from the previous year. Only 16 percent said business dropped.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the questions. Surveys are a great way to collect your feedback, which we in turn use to gather information that will help you be more successful. However, we do understand your time in valuable, but please know that it is greatly appreciated.

Click here to read the results in depth.

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