Artists: Process Payments on Open Orders

Artists: Process Payments on Open Orders

At IndieMe our goal is to always look to the future, bringing our members the most up to date software and processes available. We have looked at the most modern way of processing your orders with credit cards, and we are announcing that as of today, we are using a new, tokenized system to store credit cards on our site.

Moving forward we are EXCLUSIVELY using credit card tokenization to process payments on buyer orders, offering you one of three options for processing your credit cards:

  • Set your checkout terms to “Call for Credit Card”, and use your internal processes to contact each buyer. IndieMe will not prompt the buyer for credit card information or be involved in processing the buyer credit card in this case, and/or
  • Set your checkout with “Pay by PayPal”, IF you have this option selected, the buyer will NOT be prompted to enter their credit card when checking out through IndieMe, and you will email the buyer when the order is ready to ship, requesting that they pay you via PayPal.
  • Sign up and set up your Payment Gateway with “IndieME PAY by Cliq”, our new merchant account using tokenization, where the buyer can enter their credit card when checking out, and you can process the card through our admin pages when the order is ready to ship, without viewing the credit card. Artists can now begin to sign up for IndieMe Pay by Cliq which features no monthly fee and no set up fee with transaction based pricing of 3.5% for online orders / manually keyed transactions and a $0.15 fee per transaction.

Tokenization replaces credit card data when entered into a web form with a unique generated placeholder, commonly referred to as a token. To learn more about tokens click here.


  • If you had Square or selected this has been removed from your settings and your current settings have been changed to “Call for Credit Card”.
  • If you entered PayPal as a payment method – nothing has changed.
  • If you would like to process card payments outside of IndieMe you may continue to do so by having your payment setting set to “Call for Credit Card”. We do encourage you to manually mark orders paid in our system, so the buyer sees the most up to date status of the order on IndieMe. This setting is REQUIRED if you do not have Paypal or IndieMe PAY by Cliq selected.
    If you would like to join IndieMe Pay – great! Learn more and sign up here. Please note one of the requirements to be eligible for IndieMe Pay is to have a clear refund policy on your store (even if it is No Refunds). In addition you need a clearly stated shipping policy.
  • For past orders that remain unpaid - we encourage you to send an email to your buyers asking them to contact you directly with their credit card number as IndieMe’s website removed all credit card information it had stored.
  • If you use PayPal as a payment option, you can send an email through our system asking the buyer to login and make payment on the open order. To do this navigate to Artist>Order Management>Manage My Orders, select the order number and then select the email option. There you can select the Request Payment email option.

We are excited to be embracing this new tokenized credit card processing system. In a perfect world, we would love to see every artist using IndieMe PAY by Cliq, as we know it means with thousands of buyer’s credit cards buying from close to a thousand artists individual businesses, we will have no one sharing credit card data with each other. But, we also understand each artist has their own way of processing cards, and feel PayPal is a great option also.

We feel a flexible checkout system offering - Call for Credit Card. Paypal or IndieMe Pay by Cliq - will work well for everyone.

Also, keep in mind that you can use IndieMe PAY by Cliq with ALL your transactions through their modern web interface they will provide you. If you choose, it can be the way you key in transactions for your entire business.

Thank you for being a member of IndieMe, we truly appreciate you.

Nancy Vince, President

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