The Power of Social Media for Small Businesses

The Power of Social Media for Small Businesses

The Power of Social Media for Small Businesses

Part of running a successful business is keeping up with today’s latest tech and Internet trends. Social Media has become an extremely important tool in marketing small businesses. Whether it is purchasing Facebook Ads, uploading, or sharing a video of you in your studio creating something spectacular on Twitter, utilizing social media platforms is a key element in your marketing plan. Branding is everything. Build your brand!

Connecting to other artists, potential retailers and anyone else that can spread the word or share your image will go a long way. You can set up a tripod in your studio and record yourself in your work element. There are apps available for both Android and iPhone that can speed up a video and enable you to shorten the length for social media purposes easily. These videos are a great addition to your social media page. People love to watch them and it gives viewers a chance to see you in your work environment -providing a personal connection to you- the artist.

Staying active is important. Make a point to take a picture of you at work or of a cool new creation each and every day. It takes less than 2 minutes to take an image and upload it onto social media. Be sure to use captions that are short and sweet. Hashtags are powerful too. Get creative. Tag others. Search the social media trends weekly to see what others are talking about. Using that information, you can tie it to your images and using hashtags that are trending will only drive more viewers to your page. Take a selfie with your studio pet or morning coffee with a caption on what is in store for you today. These personal touches connect with people the most. Once they see this side of you, they will want to see what you are up to on your website or IndieMe store. You have to draw them in first. While it may seem like a pain to do so daily, it can easily be turned into a routine and something that you find very rewarding!

Link your social media accounts to one another in order to make posting easier and consistent. You can link Facebook to your Instagram and Twitter. This means when posting on Facebook, your other accounts will also automatically post the same thing on those platforms. This function will make your life much easier trust me. There is a ton of helpful information on the Facebook Business page as well.

Other social media platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest have proven helpful for business marketing too. Try making a social media schedule. Put reminders on your daily calendar in order to keep up with posting at the best times each day. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to manage too many platforms at once. Try a few out and see where it takes you. If you find one does not prove helpful, eliminate that one and try something new. There are so many resources available to assist you in this process.

Do some research. Find out what platforms your retailers use most. Follow them. Like their pages. Comment on their photos. Share their videos. This networking is important. Best of all, it is free and convenient. Take advantage of that.

We hope that you take the time to get involved on social media. At IndieMe, our goal is to help you succeed in all of your small business endeavors. We see that this part of marketing is worth your while. Make sure to read this very informative blog that goes into more depth on how social media will benefit your small business, including video tutorials and additional resources to assist you.

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