Simple & Affordable Image How-to's

Simple & Affordable Image How-to's

Image 101 for Wholesale Artists

As we are transitioning to a brand-new marketplace on IndieMe, we are working to ensure our artists are taking the necessary marketing steps in order to succeed as small business owners, meanwhile, maintaining the highest quality shopping platform for our retailers.

Part of this process includes setting standards for all product images published on IndieMe. Some artists may encounter images being denied due to quality or size requirements. This is not intended to inconvenience our artists as we understand that spending more time working in your studios is extremely important. These standards are only going to continue to keep retailers interested in IndieMe’s artists as well as display the great talent that you all embody.

Even if you have not had images rejected, we recommend all artists review their product images and consider taking new shots of old images that could use improvement. We feel that having the highest quality images goes hand-in-hand with success on IndieMe. Blurry images, busy backgrounds that can be distracting from the product itself, or poor lighting can make products appear dated. Retailers like to see fresh, new images when browsing the marketplace for purchases. Here is an extremely helpful article on everything you need to know about product photography including creating low budget lighting, how to setup your own photo studio, taking great shots with your iPhone or Android and more .

Keep in mind that using a crisp, white background behind products is recommended, especially for jewelry artists, as we find it displays the product best. Some items may not stand out on white, so we always recommend a neutral background of some sort. You can upload up to 12 images per item on the new site, so taking multiple shots of one product to display all sides or features is encouraged. We offer the zoom feature, similar to the supersize feature on the old site in order to display the fine details as well. 

The images below are a few examples of high quality images that we see as a great addition to the marketplace. We are always here to assist you in all facets of marketing your business and we take pride in making sure that our artists are successful. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for being a part of this amazing new chapter with us. We hope that you are as excited as we are for the future of IndieMe.


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Shirley Price McGrew

beautiful photos - all three shots!

3 years ago

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