Artist Spotlight: Brian Cohen

Artist Spotlight: Brian Cohen

Brian Cohen - Bridge Press, Westmoreland, VT

Brian is a lifelong printmaker who has recently ventured into publishing notecards, books, and calendars in order to share his work with a wider audience.

Describe your work.
Brian's work is thoughtful, contemplative, and worthy of sustained attention. He believes that art should offer a viewer detail, fullness, and presence, and stand quietly apart from the world to mirror it, model it, intensify it, and reflect it. He looks at everyday objects with a fresh eye to their appearance and significance. Brian's prints have been shown in over forty individual exhibitions and in over 200 group shows. He was first-place winner of major international print competitions in San Diego, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. His essays and reviews on the arts and education appear in the Huffington Post and other online and print publications. He lives in Westmoreland, New Hampshire.

My surfaces reflect the attraction I have for found objects. I find them intriguing because of the wear and the marks of their journeys. This is the feel I strive to achieve on my surfaces. To accomplish this, I use a layering technique.

Each piece begins with slabs. The pieces grow with the application of coils or additional slabs. When each piece is completed, I carve or texture the surface and let it dry. The base colors are applied and fired. Once the first firing is complete, I apply and wipe off a combination of terra sigilattas, slips, stains and glazes, then fire again. This process is repeated until I achieve the desired effect.

How did you get started in the crafts business?
Brian has made art his entire life. Beginning as a painter, he shifted to printmaking after graduate school after becoming immersed in the craft, history, and themes of etching. 
How long have you been wholesaling?
Brian started to wholesale his work very recently with his involvement with IndieMe.
What percentage of your business is Wholesale? Retail? Commission, etc.?
Brian has sold his prints through gallery shows, studio events, and to major private and public collections throughout the country. The majority of his sales are through retail outlets, though he would like to increase his wholesale business.
What are your top 3 marketing methods for reaching new buyers?
Brian is new to social media, but has received considerable attention through Instagram, Facebook, and a recent Kickstarter campaign.
How has IndieMe helped your business?
I am excited to find out how IndeMe will help me reach a wider audience.
What advice do you have for new craft artists?
I am new to online sales, and so am listening to all the advice I am offered. 
What advice do you have for new craft galleries?
I would encourage galleries to look closely at new work without prejudging how it will sell or fit into the market, paying attention primarily to its unique quality and content.

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