Artists - Prepare for initial cutover

Artists - Prepare for initial cutover

Dear Artists,

As we continue to prepare for migrating artists over to the new IndieMe Marketplace, we have made some changes on the current Marketplace. The next time you login to your store on IndieMe you will see that you can no longer make any edits or add products to your store. You can no longer purchase a featured ad, premiere ad or print publication or make a payment on your account with IndieMe. This will allow us to copy your entire store and migrate it over to the new site. While this is happening buyers will be able to continue to place orders and purchase from you. So be sure to login and view any orders you have received. As soon as we have fully migrated over all artists to the new IndieMe Marketplace you will be notified and can then begin to add new products, edit products and tweak your store as needed. This should all be complete by mid June.

In addition, all future ads you purchased will be copied over to the new Marketplace so be patient while we load those for you. We will also create an invoice for you labeled COB (carryover balance). This invoice will reflect what you currently owe to IndieMe. Once you are logged into the new site you can continue to make payments on your account.

This is an excellent time to improve your business in other ways like:
•Spend time in your studio designing new products/adding to your inventory
•Take more pictures, include lifestyle shots
•Review and update product descriptions
•Evaluate your pricing, do you need to adjust any?
•Update your line sheet
•Make a video of you in your studio crafting your line
•Research new shops, invite them to join IndieMe

Keep an eye on your email and stay updated on social media for the latest news on this transition. I will continue to keep you updated on this entire process as we move forward. Thank you for being a member of IndieMe!

Jackie Adamany
Vice President of Operations
IndieMe, Inc.

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